16 August 2006

September's Elle: Vintage Splendor

he issue featured yet another mildly disappointing Portrait of Lindsay Lohan, The Artist, as a Young Woman/Seasoned Boozebag.
[Source: ELLE]

Needless to say, I highlighted, post-it flagged, and generally ravished its 560 pages. While the fall fashion photography was lovely and enticing, I was mildly disappointed by the relatively limited selection of shades highlighted in both editorials and advertisements (and lord knows there were plenty of those). In Elle's defense, however, I would probably have that sentiment even if the bulk of the issue was devoted to the flashiest of shades. I'm insatiable (and a terrible nerd, it seems).

First, our Lindsay.

In the Isabel Dupre styled photoshoot, she is pictured wearing the timeless RayBan Aviators in a muted gradient brown that seems a perfect fit for the coming season. [Source: This picture and others from the 80s themed shoot are available online here. Cheers, NosySnoop.]

To try this at home (if you haven't already, that is):
Model: RB 3025
Cost: $75-$115
Colors: Arista/Smoke Pink Gradient, Arista/Photo Yellow Gradient, Black, etc., etc., etc.
Retailer: framesdirect.com, eyeglasses123.com

Ms. Lohan, it seems, prefers a bit more flash off-camera. Interviewer Andrew Goldman describes her diminutive presence, saying: "If you squinted, the only thing you'd likely see would be her gigantic, buglike Dior sunglasses and her fabled chest..." The aforementioned shades are not pictured, so I can only go out on a limb and assume that Lindsay's are the latest and the greatest. To rock the look, I recommend the Aviadior model:

Cost: $270
Color: Havana plastic with dark brown lenses
Retailer: Bergdorf Goodman

8/31/06 UPDATE: These Diors are available for only $147 on Otticanet.com.

Additionally, the "ElleBehindTheCover" feature clues us in on la Lo's luxurious product preferences:

"MADE IN THE SHADE: Vintage Linda Farrow sunglasses keep our cover girl cool."

BRAVO, Lindsay, on a shades recommendation well done.

Now, there is the Lohan that we know and love (not the thoughtless interviewee who offers insights such as, (a) "I have a rule: I have to be home before the sun comes up or I start panicking. Unless it's, like, your birthday or whatever." and (b) "It's so amazing seeing that one woman [Marilyn Monroe] just going somewhere, this beautiful sex kitten, who's basically a pinup, which is what I've always aspired to be."), providing an excellent shades option.

The only thing cooler than sporting the newest, flashiest, most exclusive and sought-after shades, is having the most exclusive and sought-after shades of a stylish bygone era. And though her brand has been revitalized of late, Linda Farrow's shades are a terrific example of vintage splendor.

A brief overview of the designer:
- Linda Farrow, born in the late 1940s, married an optician and collaborated with him on an extensive line of sunglasses in the 70s and 80s.
- One of her specialities were her "polarized" lenses, which was revolutionary technology at the time.
- Her company was a distributor for major brands such as Pucci, Sonia Rykiel, and Balenciaga.
- Her son, Simon Jablon, relaunched the line in 2003 after unearthing a collection of over 1000 unique, mint-condition designs. Farrows' vintage splendor is now available at approximately 150 retailers internationally. According to her website you can find them at Barneys in New York, though they are not available on the Barneys website.
[Source: Linda Farrow Vintage Official Site]

I am nearly certain that I have seen Lindsay in the following Linda Farrows aviators.
Cost: £220.00
Color: Gold metal frames with tortoise shell strip
Retailer: Tomtom Cigars London

ElleBehindTheCover goes on to suggest a more readily accessible variation on the over-the-top style: Marc Jacobs' Butterfly Sunglasses.

Cost: $290
Color: Light gold frame with brown gradient lens; Green frame with brown gradient lens
Retailer: Saks Fifth Avenue

Since it seems I could blog for an inappropriate stretch of time on Ms. Lohan's enviable shades collection, I will bring this post to a conclusion and resume commentary on Elle's advertised sunglasses in the near future. Konichiwa, reader.

PS - Lindsay, please stop talking about Wilmer in interviews. Its embarrassing. Let's just pretend that it never happened, shall we?

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